Have you ever wondered what would happen if one morning you just woke up and decided today you were just going to be yourself? Now you might be thinking, what is she talking about now? I wake up every morning and go about my day ALL day being myself, crazy hippie. If that is true then that’s brilliant! It’s very uncommon and I would love to meet you!

There are so many of us who find it difficult to be our true self all day. We are so many things to so many people. Women especially. We constantly wear so many hats and juggle so much that at times we are so far from our authentic self its nuts. Some days we give Oscar worthy performances playing the necessary characters to get through everything from buying your morning coffee, tackling work, doing the kids homework (you know we’re all doing their homework), driving, cooking, cleaning, catching up with friends, killing it at the gym, trying to relax at yoga, getting groceries, answering emails, walking the dog……you name it we can switch gears and tackle it.

Some days I hear myself talking and it I think, what did I just say?  It’s on point and appropriate, but it’s a persona that I quickly adopted to prove, protect and impress whomever I am talking to. It’s a weird feeling when you realise what you’re doing!

I think that we do this with the best intentions. We like to make the people around us feel comfortable. As adults we have created an image of who we think we should be, it’s a safe predictable path to be that person. We safeguard ourselves from disapproval. We have a fear of not fitting in. A fear of not being enough. We love to feel important to those around us and continually seek approval.

This behaviour keeps us from showing up just as we are, imperfections and flaws and all.

However, most of has have a time or a place where we are who we really are. When you are just being you and you don’t give it another thought. Often it’s your best friend and a damn good cocktail that brings out your true authentic self. Your guard drops and you are you.

What if just for one day you are 100% completely yourself all day. I’m not talking about taking a day off and doing all the things you are longing to do in comfortable clothes OR starting the day with a cocktail! I’m talking about being yourself, your true authentic self on a typical day of the week. A day where you do have to get up and juggle everything for everyone. But instead of going about your day as you. You and only you. Putting your authentic heart and soul out there with no filter, no persona and staying that way regardless of what you are doing or who you encounter.

Now I know by this point you are thinking yeah right! Most likely I will insult my husband, emotionally scar my kids, scare the dog, frighten the neighbours, tell the barista that makes my coffee in the morning that the face tattoo was a F*CKING bad idea and get fired all in one crazy day.

But the reality is you won’t. Our true self is someone who is strong, confident and self-assured. We have gotten so lost in being what we think we should be. We think we need to stay that way to protect everyone around us. It’s time to give yourself a day. Try it and see what happens I know you will be surprised.

Being who you really are is liberating and it’s time we all showed up as ourselves every so often. The wise words of The Cat in the Hat “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” sum it up perfectly.

So tomorrow give it a try and see how you feel being you and not who you think you need to be.

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