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Earlier this week I was getting my hair done, it had been weeks and I desperately needed it fixed. I am actually one of the rare few that don’t quite like going to get my hair done. I have only started going to a hairdressing salon in recent years and I find the process a little strange. You see, I am one of those very lucky girls who has a hairdresser as a Mum, actually my Grandmother was also a hairdresser and my great Grandfather was a barber. So getting your hair done in my family never involved going to a salon, the process was usually done in the kitchen, over a cup of tea, even some days, outside in the sunshine. Only now I see what an amazing privilege this was.

So sitting in a busy salon with complete strangers, reading old magazines and having my hair done is a new concept. The whole idea of sitting still while I have colour on my hair and not moving around is annoying, I am so used to being able to do other things. Long gone are the days of getting my hair done in my own environment, my Mum has retired and I am now learning to sit still and be quiet whilst in a salon, no sunshine what so ever!

When I was getting my hair done this week, I was discussing with my hairdresser the idea of cutting my hair. I have been growing my hair for the past 3 years and it has just crossed the threshold of being classified as long hair. I have never had my natural hair this long, I am way too impatient to grow it myself, having a hairdressers at your disposal allows you to be impulsive when it comes to cuts, colours and the style of your hair. I’ve had very short hair, blonde hair, red hair, curly hair, purple hair, highlights, lowlights, you name it I’ve had it. If I wanted long hair I would have my 150 hair extensions put in and bingo long hair in a couple of hours. But for the past 3 years I have stuck with my black hair and just quietly grown it long, nothing exciting. However this week I had a birthday and something triggered me to think, perhaps I am getting a little too old for such long hair.

Growing up I have been exposed to way more haircuts than the average kid, one of the aspects that has stuck with me was women over the age of 35 during the 80’s and 90’s cut and styled their hair to match their age. Society seemed to dictate that once you reached the ripe old age of 35, it was time to sport a much shorter, slightly more conservative hair style and your clothes should of course match that conservative style.

So I was 35 this week. My observations over the years have obviously seeped into my subconscious and made me think, am I too old to have hair half way down my back??

One of my guilty pleasures is reality T.V. Not all of it, just a touch, I must confess that I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians, I know it’s absolutely a waste of precious time, but I have been watching it for 8 years and I’m on that train and will most likely watch until it comes off the rails. The other is the Real Housewives shows. For some strange reason I love these, the middle aged women with way too much makeup, amazing wardrobes all behaving like 16 year olds, I wonder why I like it!! I have come to realise these shows all have something in common, the new phenomenon known as 16/60. It’s when you see a woman walking down the street and she looks 16 from behind, but when she turns around she’s really 60!

We are living in an age where we are navigating new territory. We have access to hair products that are able to keep our hair free from greys, full of volume, shine and looking as it did in our teenage years. We certainly have come a long way in the fashion department and finally hair has caught up.

So should I cut my hair? No, not yet. I believe your hair needs to be an extension of your personality, when styled properly it is your greatest accessory. If it’s not it should be. Regardless if you sport a short cut or rock long locks, as long as it’s in great condition, it’s cut to suit your face shape and you are able to style it, than you should be happy regardless of the length.

If in the future I am mistaken as a 16 year old when I am actually 60, I will smile, run my fingers through my hair and be ever so thankful I never let my age stop me from having the hair I want.

Glamor Hippie

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