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his week I was packing moving boxes, as I was packing my good dinner set, I realised that over the past 14 years I have packed and moved the same dinner set 10 times!

For numerous and always positive reasons we have moved house often. Building homes, selling homes and a wonderful stint living in Scotland whilst my husband played Rugby, has meant I am now a professional mover.

Last year we were fortunate enough to be able to buy our forever house, it’s slightly older, but it’s a home we have a history with and an emotional attachment. So we bought the house and are now, as I have mentioned in previous posts renovating the life out of it.

So wrapping my dinner set in bubble wrap and packing it into the same brown box I have packed it into so many times before was nothing unusual. However this time it’s not going to a new home, just a different kitchen, which fingers crossed will only be a few weeks away. After this I should never have to pack it again and the thought made me panic!

You see I have moved so frequently I have become very accustomed sorting/prioritising/arranging and organising everything in my house. I keep only what we need and what we use. If we haven’t used it since the last move, it does NOT come with us to the next house. So with each phase of having babies, then toddlers and now kids, I have culled everything no longer needed without the guilt, I simply refuse to pack it and take it with us. Only keeping the very sentimental items and believe me these are selected wisely.

With this mentality our house feels clutter free and organised, but what am I going to do now? After this renovation we are here to stay for the long term! No deadline to clean out the linen cupboard or that office draw, where everything that doesn’t have a home makes it way and happily lives until I come and destroy its sanctuary. Will everything start to build up around us?

Ok, even as I am writing this I am getting a little panicked. Sorting dog’s toys, changing toilet brushes, cleaning out the pantry, everything that comes with moving house now has no deadline. I am completely in charge of my humble abode maintenance without any pressure. Yes, you can eye roll here, I get it, I should be content with not having the pressure of moving house and yes I know it’s such a first world problem!

So what do I do about it?

Is it a good idea to schedule one weekend a year and dedicate the entire weekend as a family to going through everything? As if we are packing to move.

Should we do something more regular, once a quarter? Working with the seasons? This would work well for clothing?

Do you entertain the idea of something once month, making it quiet frequent and easier to manage?

Googling what the household protocol is for organising one’s home is like googling what diet is the best for weight loss, the options are endless, opinionated and nothing feels like it is going to fit my life.

Having the desire to be organised at home its motivation for me to stay on top of everything day to day, week to week and month to month. However slicing a chunk of time to really sort through and assess what we need and no longer need at home is important. Clutter can make life complicated and can make you feel overwhelmed. If it’s not managed it can have a large impact of the efficiency of your day to day life. Have you ever stopped and wondered how it would feel if everything had a place and everything was in its place? Would it make life more efficient?

I think the best option for us is to discuss it as a family. Working out what is going to work well for everyone in our house, we are all responsible for what we bring into the house, what we use and don’t use. So it will be a family decision on how we tackle the future organisation of our stuff. I know we will be very happy taking good care of our beautiful forever home, growing, living and flourishing together, without too much clutter and no moving boxes!

Glamor Hippie


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