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I can’t believe it’s the end of the year already, the Silly Season is now well and truly upon us. I thought I would share my tips for getting through unscathed (if possible), some of these tips I shared with you last year and some are fresh, new and hopefully helpful!

Here you go:

List, list and more lists. So much gets thrown at us this time of year, catch it and write it down. I don’t care how good my memory is 11 months of the year. It’s impossible to remember everything during the silly season. Write your grocery list. Don’t waste your precious time and attempt to remember your entire shop from memory, I guarantee you will forget what you went into buy. Write the list of presents you need to purchase, that Kris Kringle gift won’t be remembered when you hit the shops. You will be distracted by all the wonderful shiny objects, in all the beautifully decorated shops………oh so lovely………see just thinking about it and I’m off with the elves!

Get your online orders in NOW. Order that dress you need for your work Christmas Party this week. Kids presents, Lego can take a good 21 days to arrive! If you don’t do it, either you won’t get it or worse, you will end up paying more for shipping than the actual purchase!! Get shopping!

With all the additional driving around town, make a designated day to fill your fuel tank. Don’t wait till the little light lights up, guaranteed it will happen when you’re already late or on your way to the kids Christmas Concert!

Buy extra containers for storing left over food, I only have enough for what we need during the year and this year Christmas is at my house, so I need extra to fit all the left-overs in.

cupcake tree

Have a menu plan if you are hosting guests, break down what you have to do and prep everything that can be prepped. This way you are not blindsided when you haven’t defrosted something, turned the oven on, or when you read the recipe the day everyone is coming and you realise you were supposed to marinate something for 24 hours!

For families with younger kids – Remember that Santa will have DIFFERENT wrapping paper than you used to wrap the neighbours presents. Kids will notice!

Do a budget for gifts, it’s easy to spend way too much money this time of year. You don’t want to start 2016 with a credit card hangover! Set a budget and stick to it.

Vodka, vodka, vodka sometimes I just need one! Please don’t tell my Personal Trainer about this little tip, I’ll just pay for it in the New Year if he finds out.

Buy sticky tape. It’s NOT going to be there at 9:00pm the only night you have a chance to wrap presents. Buy more ASAP. Add it to you next grocery list now.

You’re going to eat way too much, don’t worry, enjoy it, that’s what New Year’s resolutions are for.

Buy batteries, when you’re buying sticky tape.

If you run out of time to do the Christmas Cards, tell people you’re concerned about added waste this time of year and you just couldn’t live with the burden of adding to landfill. This worked a treat for this Hippie last year and I’m still feeling concerned this year, so don’t expect one!

Don’t over commit, say no when necessary, it’s simply not possible to do it all and keep your sanity.

Sit as a family and discuss who you ALL want to see over the holidays, book those people in. When others ask for a slice of your precious time, politely tell them that you’re booked till the New Year and will touch base with them then.

candy cane

Drink loads of water. Fill a large bottle before you leave the house and take with you. Hydration is essential.

If your traveling wrap your presents before you go, but don’t decorate with ribbons and bows, they just get squashed and damaged. Do this quickly once you have arrived.

Spray tan, love them. They make you feel slimmer, they hide all the lumpy bits and they give you a holiday glow that frankly this time of year you don’t have naturally!

Go with the flow.

Get up early and make the most of the beautiful weather.

Go to bed early on the rare nights you can, even if it’s at the same time as the kids!

Pre buy wine, candles and chocolates. Wrap and have ready for those people you have forgotten. If you don’t use them, you will in the New Year. Note – wrap these in white, gold or silver or a combo of these three colours. That way if you use them in the New Year their not in Christmas colours!

Be prepared to hunt like a lion for a car space, slowly following gazelles, oh I mean shoppers in the car park with their handful of shopping bags is only acceptable this time of year.

Laugh when it gets awkward, there will be moments.

Always pack sunblock.

If you only have time to change your undies and whack on a fresh coat of lippy between work, kids and those Christmas drinks, so be it. That counts as an outfit change in my book!

If I am having a few drinks I always try and have a non-alcoholic beverage first and last. That helps slow the pace at the beginning of the evening and helps with waking up fresh the next morning. As long as I haven’t consumed way too much vodka in the middle of course!

Remember that Christmas is not a time to mix friends who really shouldn’t be mixed because you’re trying to fit your entire contact list into one event. Sometimes smaller more intimate gatherings are better. Trust me, people appreciate not having to talk to your overbearing neighbour you had to invite, because they would have seen all the cars in your driveway!

Take care of yourself. So many people are relying on you this time of year. If you fall apart, you’re no good to anyone. Go to bed as early as you can. Delegate wherever possible. Make time to exercise. It’s a huge stress relief, exercise also gives you a great excuse not to answer your phone for an hour and it’s a good reason to run around town in your sneakers. Your feet will love you!

Remember to say thank you and smile. Everyone will appreciate it.

Always leave water and carrots for the Reindeer, beer and cookies for Santa.

It’s a whirlwind, enjoy it.

Have fun!

Laugh, smile, kiss and make memories that will last forever.

Glamor Hippie

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