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There have been a few articles, blogs and commentary about the recent decline in G-string sales around the globe. Apparently sales have dropped significantly enough to warrant many to speak up and show their concern for what could be the end of the tiny triangle so many of us have tangled up in our underwear draw.

So why the decline?

Many people have many different opinions as to why the decline is occurring, me, well I think it’s because we finally have more options!

G-strings had an important role in the 40’s and 50’s as an essential garment worn by women in the adult entertainment business on stage to cover their modesty. However they didn’t make their way into department stores until the late 70’s and early 80’s.

The introduction of the G-string into the mainstream was seen as a huge leap when it came to adding flexibility to what we could wear without that dreaded VPL (Visible Panty Line). Fashion in the 80’s saw women wearing higher waisted pants, even higher waisted shorts, tighter skirts and those high waisted stone wash jeans! Fuelled by the popularity of showing off your 80’s aerobic body drove the unbelievable popularity of the G-string.

Surprisingly the G-String made it comfortably from VHS porn films, to adult stores, to department stores quickly without a stigma attached to it. The feeling of freedom was in the air, women started to see all other underwear options as antiquated and the decline in sales reflected this feeling.

Women wanted to feel sexy, look sexy and the G-string gave them what they wanted. I would like to add that perhaps that feeling of freedom was taken a little too far when the G-string Leotards started popping up at every gym in town. There was simply no good reason for this to happen and thank the Fashion God’s that it is no longer acceptable. I couldn’t imagine doing a Crossfit session in a G-string Leotard! I struggle to keep everything in as it is, let-alone worrying about everything that could possibly slip out, fall out or snap!

Today the sales of this little piece of freedom are dropping, we no longer turn to it to give is what we need. Why? High waisted pants, high waisted shorts, high waisted tight, tight skirts are in, so why aren’t we buying and wearing G-Strings?

I think it’s because underwear has come leaps-and-bounds in recent years. The underwear options today are incredible, technology has improved in the quality of the fabrics, cut and styles. Having to wear a G-string to eliminate our VPL has gone, there are countless other options.


I personally have an insane mix of what I wear, like the rest of my wardrobe the options are endless and I don’t have one preference over another. I do however have several girlfriends that are staunch loyalists when it comes to the G-string, they simply don’t see any other option. I gave some thought to their opinions, and then I realised that NONE of them are bigger than a size 8! I know this is probable a coincidence but when your little booty doesn’t struggle to fit into, oh let’s say ANYTHING, you no longer get to have an opinion. When you have junk in your trunk like me, having options is a must!!

I’m not silly I think that there is a time and a place for them and I think designers and manufacturers are quickly going to come to terms with them having a selected purpose in the future. They will still be tangled up in our underwear drawers, just not for everyday use.

Wearing underwear that accentuates your figure, compliments your clothes and makes you feel confident and happy is essential. Never settle when it comes to underwear, find what works for you and go with it.

It’s ok to take off your G-string and switch to those Granny Panties under your pencil skirt, clearly were all doing it and loving it. But on those ‘special occasions’ it’s also ok to throw back to the 80’s and rock that freedom vibe, just as long as it’s not over your leggings to the gym.

Glamor Hippie



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