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I struggle knowing which fruit and vegetables are in season. The basics are easy, I know exactly what time of year to expect mangoes to appear!

But others I am a little vague about.

I understand eating fruit and vegetables in season is important. Eating in season means it’s at it’s freshest, offering the highest nutrition content.

So I now use the link here to see what is in season.

It’s nice to see whats going to be on the menu in Autumn!

What I’ve Been Making:

This week I have also been making Pete Evans Banana Bread recipe. This recipe is more like a moist banana cake, but there have been no complaints. I’ve had to make 3 of them to keep up with demand!

                                                                     family food     banana bread

If you are lucky enough to have a daughter and she’s back at school this week. You have probably already been through your usual school hair styles!

I have found a cool Mum who posts great videos of different ways we can do little girls hair.

This link will direct you to one of her videos.

If you want to search for more on YouTube, search Cute Girls Hairstyles and you will find heaps by this Mum.


Glamor Hippie

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