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I find that I live my life based around rules that I have set for myself. I assume I have gathered the information from my parents, friends, study, work, reading countless lifestyle, fitness, fashion, design literature, past successes/failures and from having a fascination on how other people choose to live their lives to make up these “rules”. So far, for me, they have been successful. However I am constantly reminded that life doesn’t always like rules. The universe likes to give us a little jolt every now and again, to remind us that we are here for a good time, not always a long time. Some examples of my rules: 

  • Getting up no later than 5am
  • Drinking at least 2.5 litres of water a day
  • Don’t be late, ever, period
  • Never let go first when you hug your kids, let them decide when the hug ends
  • Always wear makeup when you leave the house
  • Buying organic products at every opportunity
  • Dinner must be on the table at 6pm, sharp!
  • Always buy, wrap and write birthday cards well before a party, never on the day of a party!
  • All beds must be made before leaving the house for the day
  • Coffee must be consumed before any conversations in the morning, especially when you’re up at 5am!!

I could go on and on, but I think these few examples shed some light and demonstrate what I mean. Just trust me when I say there are countless more on that list! This New Year as per usual, I have followed my rules, but I have found myself feeling guilty when I bend them every now and again. Why? I created them, why feel guilty??? I think the rules that we create for ourselves bring order to our hectic lives. They allow us to breakdown and itemise what we need to do and what we want to achieve. However when we create too many rules, they themselves can become a burden. Too many can be impossible to maintain, you need to have room for things that are not going to go to plan. This concept has become apparent to me this year after I developed a minor crazy woman eye twitch and felt like laying in the fetal position in the garden because it was all getting a bit much. I recently wrote a post ‘Good Morning Sunday’, in it I explained how I was implementing Sunday as a family only day (I’ve popped it below if you want to have a read). So far this has worked. Sunday is a lovely day spent together at home just being us, everyone including the puppies seem very happy with the concept. I have had to politely decline several invitations bringing some guilt, I don’t like saying “no”, and that’s another post for another day! However this new “rule” will be broken in the next few weeks, my daughter has two birthday parties for two of her closest girlfriends. I simply don’t want to say no to her going, firstly she would be heartbroken, secondly she is six and birthday parties are her social life at this age and thirdly I want to go myself! I love going to birthday parties of my friends kids, they are only little once and the day they don’t want their Mum’s going to their parties is fast approaching! So the rules I create and then ultimately break make me feel guilty. Up until now my rules have worked for me, however I think I have created too many, it’s become too hard to enjoy the little things and there is no room deviate. So I need to be a little more flexible. I won’t be giving up my Sunday family day, but I know there will occasionally be a birthday party to attend. I just need to not feel guilty when this happens. I think that I need to change my mindset and view the rules and guidelines. Life is not black and white, it’s completely grey. Working with guidelines and not rules should be a little more pleasant for me and everyone around me, hopefully minus the eye twitching and the desire to hide in the garden! I hope you all have a lovely week. Glamor Hippie

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What I’ve Been Making

pancakes I think one of the easiest things to make when you are beginning to eat grain free are pancakes. I also think its the first thing you will win your kids over with when you are trying to make healthier alternatives. Trying new pancake recipes have become a hobby for me, they are my favourite, it’s completely self indulgent, but I don’t care! The latest recipe I tried and tested was brilliant, easy to make, a touch sweet and everyone in the family gave them a thumbs up. If you would like the recipe you can click the link here and it will take you to Carol Lovett’s site – Ditch the Wheat


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