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I find I have a really nice eclectic group of people in my life that I enjoy sharing things with. All of them are important, yet they are all so different.

I’m blessed to have such quality people I can call on to undertake a certain activity, conversation or event?

I like to refer to these people as my partners in crime…….. Have you got one or a few of these? It can be numerous different people, or just one. Someone you couldn’t imagine doing what you’re doing at that moment without them by your side.

Me, well my husband is my long term “all things” partner in crime, he’s in the trenches with me day in and day out, without a shadow of a doubt we are in it till the end!

However there are a few more people I have in my life that I need and want. There are many posts about their individual importance and I am sure they will be written about over time.

This week I am missing one of my main partners in crime. She’s away travelling, taking a moment in time to experience adult life at its best, so I can’t be annoyed she’s not here. She’s the ultimate partner to have by your side when you’re working out and I’m finding myself very lost without her.

You see, it’s my first week back to the gym after weeks off due to the flu and pneumonia, so it’s hard enough getting back into it, let alone without the support of my training buddy!

She keeps me motivated, accountable, inspired and when needed she’s the strong voice in my ear telling me not to give up and to do that bit more. She keeps track of where I’m at with my workout and trust me, if we have arranged to work out together and I don’t show, she is not someone you want to disappoint. We have become a formidable team and I’m frantically treading water until she returns.

Having someone make you accountable in an area like exercise can make the world of difference. You simply can’t miss the gym because you’re “too busy”, you are forced show-up, man-up, get it done and give it your best.

I admire those who don’t need this level of support, people who are able to motivate themselves day after day and tackle exercise on their own. It’s very cool. However I simply can’t do it and my partner in crime being away has cemented this believe for me.

So my strategy is to rope in people I already workout with to keep me motivated, telling them I need a little push over the next weeks to get me through. As I have mentioned before I do Crossfit, so there is NO shortage of people in my gym I can ask to assist with motivating me, Crossfitters be crazy like that.

All too often the importance of having people around you to get you through all the different aspects of your life is overlooked. We can be stubbornly determined to tackle things on our own and forget that how hard this can be. When it gets hard, ask for help, admitting that you need help is empowering, put your pride aside and get what you want.

I’m now off to the gym to tackle what ridiculous Crossfit work out is on today without my partner in crime, I’ll ask for some support, give it my best, it won’t be as fun, but at least I’m going. Until her return I will have to be accountable for counting my own burpees, I’ll miss having someone that listens to my whinging for a moment and then tells me to shut my mouth and get on with it, all with a smile and a bucket of love of course!

Have a lovely weekend!

Glamor Hippie

I thought you said slurpees not burpees... Don't worry burpees hate you too
But we just did burpees
If you still look cute at the end of your workout, you didn't work hard enough

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