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I recently commented to one of my girlfriends about how brilliant she was looking. For the pre-Christmas crazy period, she looked refreshed, her skin was glowing and she had an infectious vibe going on. So of course I immediately grilled her about what she was doing! She was doing a 3 day cold-pressed juice cleanse. She had my undivided attention, which was difficult as we were at a 6 year olds birthday with 25 kids!

She decided that she needed a break from food. Her aim wasn’t necessarily to lose weight from the experience, it was to break the day to day food cycle she was in. It got me thinking………… much do we stay in our food routine?

I know I do.

It’s easier in our busy lives to stick to the same menu, the predictability of the same breakfast can make our lives a little easier. This is fine, if the food on your menu is working to satisfy your hunger, fills nutritional needs, is time efficient and helps maintain a healthy weight. But what if it isn’t??

Here comes the great idea of having a break from food.

The idea is brilliant. The reality is interesting, to say the least.

Being someone who likes to try something new, especially when it comes to food or even a great idea for a blog, I gave it a go. The second week of January sounded like an ample time to have a break from food. The Christmas/New Year period was filled, filled, with way too much food, too many cocktails and way too much indulgence. It was time to get off that train!

So I placed my order online a couple of weeks before and forgot about it. Until the day got a knock at the door and a little white cooler box was staring up at me. Oh yeah……..I’m doing a juice cleanse tomorrow, a big deep breath, reality set in, ok, I can do this.

I hadn’t given myself time to mentally prepare. I don’t necessarily think this was a negative. If I had I might have talked myself out of it. I quickly reminded my family, unpacked the cute little juice bottles and tomorrow I’m sure I’ll be ready.

Day One

It’s still holidays so we are all at home today. It’s breakfast time as usual, the kids are hungry and I go about my morning routine fixing them whatever their little hearts-desire for breakfast (I do spoil them…..just a bit). Once that’s all done, I usually make my breakfast, sit, eat and read the newspaper. I find myself standing in the kitchen not knowing what to do with myself. Do I still sit at the table to drink my little juice? Can I even be bothered to read the paper? I decided that I should keep some of my routine and sit. It’s not so bad, the juice was delicious, it was filling and it was close enough to normal that I think, yep, I can do this for 4 days. Did I mention I signed up to do this for 4 days?!

The day progresses as normal, I have a juice to drink every 2 hours until bed.

The thing I wasn’t ready for, being around so much food! Because I am the one who buys, prepares, cooks and serves ALL the food in the family, this was still my job even though I wasn’t able to participate in the enjoyment of eating it! Food is an enormous part of my day, I had always known that, but it was a huge wake-up call to see how much time I spend involved in food.

At the end of the day I wasn’t hungry, I was tired, but I went to bed thinking there is NO WAY I am able to do this for another 3 days!!

Day Two

I wasn’t hungry when I woke up. Surprising considering I hadn’t eaten any food yesterday. I opened my morning juice and enjoyed sipping it slowly. At this stage, my body is very happy, I feel fresh lighter (1.5kg lighter to be accurate) however my mind is not. It’s a real psychological battle. Stopping 100% of your food routine makes you a little crazy! I find myself going between fantasising about food and telling myself I don’t have to finish the cleanse, to a NO I can do this, just keep busy mindset. It’s tiring. So today’s strategy is to keep busy! Distraction is key!

Day Three

Well there isn’t allot to tell. Day three was not happening. I had officially had enough! I was very happy with how far I had come and felt amazing, but the idea of doing it for another 2 days was not something I wanted to consider! So I decided to eat, I was craving fresh healthy food and wasn’t going to deny myself any longer.

So in conclusion, I feel my little experiment was a success. Prior to starting the cleanse I was in the Christmas/New Year phase and was eating and drinking way too much. The cleanse did break me of this. I felt lighter after the 2 days of no food and I was very keen to get back to eating clean, fresh food.

I’m please I did it. Not sure if I would do it again, but I would recommend it if you’re looking for something to shock you out of your food routine!

Glamor Hippie

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Loving my new Nanos –    Feeling their very appropriate for Australia Day!



My favourite salad at the moment is the Pear and Rocket Salad from Clean Living by Luke Hines and Scott Gooding



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