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So the past few weeks have been very interesting, quite a few first world problems have landed in my lap.

First, my dishwasher decided it didn’t like me anymore and packed it in, much to my astonishment, I thought it was a wonderful friendship. Apparently the 3 loads a day, 7 days a week was a little too one sided and I was suddenly left all alone with a kitchen bench piled high with dirty Paleo covered dishes. Eating and cooking Paleo means A LOT of dirty dishes.

Second I fractured my toe. After 3 really good stubs over the same amount of months I finally stubbed it so badly I fractured the fat little thing. I already swear like a sailor do you can only imagine what came out of my mouth when that happened!!

Then I busted one of the disks in my neck. Over the past two weeks I have had a sore arm and I have been away from the gym and resting it. With physio it was getting better. However after a very, very funny, exciting night the weekend before last, I managed to completely stuff it. As bad as it is now, it was worth it, I had a fantastic night!

Work has begun on our much anticipated renovation. Bathrooms, laundry, paint, carpets, everything except the kitchen! Our very, very organised lives have been given a massive, dusty, dirty, shake-up. My dogs are due for a vet check-up, my car is blinking madly at me that it needs a service, I have several assignments due for my course, I’ve over committed AGAIN at the kids school, I’m getting sick and ALL of the usual things we tackle each week are still there to be done.

Nothing worth complaining about at all, life is still AWESOME. But it’s been enough to throw me off track. We have an expression in our family “when it rains it pours”. So what has been missed whilst it’s been pouring? Portion control, that’s what. I have managed to stuff my chubby face at every turn. With good food of course, just an insane amount of it! Why do we let our self-control go when things around us aren’t going to plan?

When I’m tired, I eat more. When I’m stressed, I eat more. When I’m busy, I eat more. When I’m relaxing, I eat more. Let’s just say if my routine is rocked, I eat, ok!

In the space of three weeks I no longer fit into my favourite jeans. It now hurts to put my gym leggings on, all the blood supply is cut off and breathing is not an option!

Being injured, not being able to go to the gym and ALL the additional food has undone months of dedicated service to my body in JUST 3 WEEKS! Far out, not cool.

Last night as I was looking at myself in the mirror, I heard my subconscious fit chick yell loud and clear “TIME TO GET OFF THIS ROLLER-COASTER BABY!” She was right. Enough is enough. If I don’t get off this ride, another 3 weeks will pass, the way I am eating now will become a habit and I will be so far off track getting back will seem impossible.

So how do I get off this bloody roller-coaster?? The next day I found an hour for myself, phone off, in a quiet happy space, just me and my notebook. I was going to form a plan, nothing was going to stop me. I love to make list, formulate plans, draw charts, create spreadsheets, and design healthy menus, if it involves nice stationary and a highlighter I’m all over it!

So after an hour this is what I came up with:


Yep, that’s all I wrote down in my notebook. JUST STOP IT. Big, bold, capital letters staring at me. No plan, no list. Just three simple words screaming at me. You know what, it is just that simple.

I know exactly how to eat right. I love to eat, sleep and exercise to keep healthy. I know what to do to take care of myself. I’ve just been reckless in my attitude. Time to man up, take ownership, stop what I am doing and take control. My subconscious fit chick is currently doing handstand push-ups to celebrate!!

Waiting for a new day, a new week, a new diet, waiting for something to motivate us like a holiday before we make a change is bat shit crazy. Just take the time to make good choices every time you put something in your mouth, will make all the difference in the world. Just stop it, for your own sanity, for your health and your happiness, you’re the only one who can do it. Regardless of what’s going on in your world this is something you can control.

This piglett just got off the roller-coaster!

Glamor Hippie

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