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This week I want to share with you my new passion for Kombucha. What is Kombucha you ask?? It’s a very healthy, refreshing drink, that gives your metabolism a kick and gives you a nice natural boost of energy. I first discovered it when I was on a mission to eat more fermented foods. Fermented foods help you “heal and seal” your gut. Fermented foods a full of good bacteria, eating and drinking fermented foods gives you much, much more good bacteria than any supplement. Our gut produces more of that wonderful serotonin (the good thing that makes us happy) than our brain! So if your gut is unhappy with an imbalance of bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria you will be unhappy! Now, I do enjoy fermented foods like miso, sauerkraut and pickles. But I wanted something I could have everyday that wasn’t so savoury and then I found Kombucha! I buy my Kombucha. Pre-made, cold and ready to drink. I don’t think I have become that much of a Hippie to make my own, but I never say never! go hippie I buy it from my local health food store or my fruit and veg market. So a little more about Kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented tea. It’s made by adding a culture of bacteria and yeast to a solution of tea, sugar or fruit is also added to enhance the flavour. It’s often referred to as “mushroom-tea” because during the brewing process the bacteria and yeast grow into a mass that resembles a mushroom cap (it’s actually very unattractive and probably why I don’t make my own!) Some of the health claims I have read about drinking Kombucha are positive. They claim it can improve energy levels, it can assist with metabolic issues, improve digestive problems, assist with soothing arthritis and skin issues. Plus many, many more claims. I have found it does give me a boost of much needed energy. The brand I drink is naturally sweetened by organic fruit and is a really nice 3pm treat. If I am getting any of the health benefits that are claimed it’s a bonus. For now I will be sticking with drinking my Kombucha everyday, it’s working for me and it’s a yummy treat in my hectic afternoons. If you would like to see which brand I drink, click the link here. Raspberry is my FAVOURITE! Have a look at their website below. A brilliant Australian company. Glamor Hippie

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