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This week I’ve been asked several times, what’s my current goal? The first time I was asked, I didn’t have an answer. I’ve been really busy and just trying to tackle each day. Full steam ahead with all my balls in the air, trying to not let them fall!

Why are they asking me that? Do I look like I need a target to shoot for? Isn’t my crazy busy life enough?? My current goal today as I am writing this, is to make sure the kids eat healthy, get to school, do their homework, get some washing done, make dinner…….that fingers crossed everyone eats! Also on my list is, keep everyone alive, happy and as stress free as possible.

Surely this is enough!

Why add something more to the mix?

Then it dawned on me that I have changed my behaviour recently and its sparked interest. When I change my behaviour it’s usually because I have willingly OR unwilling signed up to tackle something and people are genuinely interested in what I am getting up to. My energy and focus shift and it becomes apparent that I am up to something.

When the kids went back to school after their winter break, I managed to get myself back into a routine rather quickly. First day back at school I was back at the gym, back to watching what I was eating, trying to get more sleep and it has subsequently changed my attitude towards all the other areas of my life. Nothing to brag about, I just managed to get all my ducks in a row and things are getting done.

So the second time I was asked “What’s your current goal?” I found myself answering the question. “I want to look good in a bikini.” No Crossfit competition, no Miss Muddy obstacle course, no fun run, just want to look good in my swimmers in my backyard once summer is upon us.

My girlfriend who asked the question, smiled and said “Nothing wrong with that! My goal is to look hot for my husband’s 40th!” I felt a sense of relief when she said that. Her response made me realise that since I began my health journey I have set fitness goals, health goals and of course I wanted to feel good and look good. But for the first time I am healthy, I’m reasonably fit, I feel good and all I’m after at the moment is to look good.

My efforts are at the moment 100% fuelled by my vanity and I am very happy to admit to that.

It can be very difficult to commit to eating healthy, exercising and taking time out for yourself, we are all overwhelmed with busy lives and taking care of yourself can too easily be moved to the bottom of the priority list. But when you need to take care of yourself, for your health and make that effort, because of your health, the guilt is sightly minimised. Taking this time away from pressing chores, time away from family, work and working on your health is worth it. But what about when your just doing it to improve your aesthetic appeal?

I completely get that doing what I am doing is absolutely maintaining and improving my health, it’s just that the motivation behind it has changed.

Will my vanity be enough to keep it up?

I think it will.

When I look good, I feel good. I am happy and confident in my own skin. If my motivation is being fuelled by vanity, so be it. I’m not going to feel guilty about making the time to take care of myself.

For the moment my vanity is fuelling my goals to eat healthy, train hard and sleep like a baby. No matter what your motivation, taking care of yourself is paramount. If you set health goals throughout your lifetime and achieve them, does it matter what the driving force was behind them? No it doesn’t. I’m going to happily continue to allow my vanity to be the fuel that gets me in the gym and eating clean. Hopefully by the time summer gets here I can throw my swimmers on and be thankful my vanity was there when I needed it!

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