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Spring brings a sense of promise, warmer weather, longer days, fresh produce, I love everything about Spring.

This spring I have a list of things I am going to tackle and a list of things I am going to embrace. I’m so very ready to shake the heavy weight of this dreadfully long winter off and indulge in the delights of the warmer weather. I have kept the list short and sweet, making large gestures of change I find stick for the first few weeks, but way too easily fall by the wayside. I am looking to achieve and embrace small positive changes, this list may grow over the next few months, but this is a nice place to start.

I’m going to drink my greens! I am committed this spring to having a green juice every morning. I am going to utilise my new Vitamix to make my juice, this awesome machine keeps 100% of the goodness in the juice, giving you an enormous vitamin and mineral hit in the morning. Hopefully it gives me a nice energy boost to start my day and regulates my blood sugar level. My favourite green juice recipe at the moment is:

Pear, celery, baby spinach and mint – 1 pear, 1 stalk of celery, 1 cup of baby spinachand a touch of mint. I add filtered water a touch of ice as well.

green smoothies

Time to clean my makeup. I usually clean my makeup at the beginning of each season, but I have no memory of doing this at the start of Winter, or even Autumn! Yuck! Makeup brushes must be washed to prevent nasties breeding, it’s a must to prevent infection. Also makeup should not be kept any longer than 12 months, it’s unhygienic to keep it any longer. In fact mascara should not be kept any longer than 3 months. Spring is a great time to have a clean-up and clear out of your makeup. Be ruthless, wash everything, dry properly and only keep what you actually use.

makeup brushes

This I am excited about, my seasonal wardrobe cleanse. It’s just the best feeling! It’s like a therapy session! The best way to tackle this properly is to take EVERYTHING out of your wardrobe, socks, undies, belts, bags. EVERYTHING! Throw it all on the bed, wipe your wardrobe over, leaving it smelling clean and fresh. Next, place everything back one thing at a time, forcing you to give everything a good look. A great rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn it in the past 12 months, get rid of it! If it doesn’t fit, has stains, holes, let it go! Having a wardrobe cleanse makes you feel lighter, you end up with all the clothes that you like and fit. You will have less difficulty getting dressed in the mornings and I always find it’s a nice excuse to do a little Spring shopping as you have a bit of extra space to fill.

I recently purchased a little gift for myself from the UK, a set of Cheeki Hangers. These gorgeous hangers add a little cheek to my wardrobe! I love them, they make me smile every time I use them. Perfect for hanging every day items, but I reserve mine for gowns, they hold an amazing amount of weight! I have added the link to their site for you below.


I have slowly been removing ALL the plastic from my kitchen over the past few years. No plastic lunch boxes, no plastic containers to store food in the pantry, no plastic cooking utensils, it’s been an evolutionary process and I have almost removed all the plastic that comes into contact with our food. This Spring I am going to ensure that process is complete. I get asked quite often what do I use instead of plastic containers, the answer?? Glass and stainless steel (steel that is free of linings and coatings so no chemicals will leach into the food) think back to a 1950’s kitchen. Since my kids were little they have drunk from regular glasses, eaten off normal plates, yes we’ve had some breakage, but not as much as you would think. So this Spring I will do a stock-take of where I am with this and see how I can improve that little bit more.


I am going to throw in a few smaller things that give me instant satisfaction, like checking fire alarms, clearing out my inbox and unsubscribing to the oh so many email lists I’m on. Doing a bulk grocery shop of pantry staples to lighten the load of the weekly grocery shop, culling the kids shoes that just seem to breed and takeover the shoe shelf in the garage. Small things that make a big difference!

Research new recipes, test and find a few new ones to add to our regular meal rotation, time to get rid of a few of those more dense winter meals.

Until recently I was very consistent with printing photos, labeling them and putting them into albums. However the process was very time consuming and I started to question why I still persisted with it. We are living in the digital age and it’s just easier to download them, file them and pull them up when you need them. However lately I have missed having the actual prints, I want to update our photos around the house and have the memory in physical form, not just digital. I won’t go back to printing, labeling and filing every photo we take. But I will print off a selection every few months to have around the house. I love having photos around.


This is a little anal retentive I know, however I am going to start thinking about the silly season! Every year it just creeps up and BAM! It’s here! Christmas parties, Christmas drinks, Christmas cards, Christmas Shopping, kids are on holidays, photos with Santa, the tree’s not up, can’t get a baby sitter, nothing to wear, all of a sudden there’s not a weekend to spare, you’ve double booked yourself and its far from pleasurable. I’m planning on scheduling what we can now, locking in the dates we know about and head into the silly season with a plan! 10 minutes now with diaries open will hopefully allow us to do everything we want to do whilst minimising the fuss. Only 104 days till Christmas from today!


I hope you have a lovely Spring weekend.


Glamor Hippie

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