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I’ve mentioned before I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I’m headstrong, loud, opinionated, passionate and I tend to be a dominate force. However I am aware of my personality traits and try to adjust them to the situations I’m in, of course I still get too much for some people too often. But one thing I’m not is boring!

So we’ve established I am an acquired taste, but I am also a walking contradiction. I’ve got one foot firmly in the mainstream world and one foot firmly out! I enjoy being in the mainstream, work, kids, sport, school, shopping (as long as I have the balance right). I am obsessed with what’s new in fashion, makeup, hair, what’s trending on social media and what’s appealing to the masses aka popular culture. But I find real enjoyment outside of that existence, being at home, quality time off the grid, making food and my latest obsessions are growing our own food and having our own chickens!

See, contradiction, right! But I’m very ok with being different.

This week I found myself in deep conversation with someone I had just met about eating organic, having a chemical free home and all things clean and natural. Trust me when I say this happens quiet a lot, remember opinionated, passionate, headstrong………anyway, it wasn’t until they stopped me mid-sentence to say “but you don’t look like you live like that” for me to have a real ‘oh yeah’ moment.

The name of this blog truly sums me up, Glamor Hippie. I love the concept of being a free spirit, for looking outside the norm for a different future. For peace, love, happiness and for sticking up for what I believe in. However I do it with a twist, a glamorous twist. I simply don’t fit the profile picture of someone who lives the way I do.

So my question I have been asking myself this week is why do we have to fit into one particular box?? The answer is we don’t. Just like I adjust my personality traits to the situations I am in, I can adjust myself between the mainstream and off the grid, enjoying the benefits of both. Something I am growing more proud of by the day.

Being different, having passion and being that dominate force feels comfortable. I will continue to strike up conversations with complete strangers, whilst wearing organic makeup, holding the latest copy of Vogue, being the crazy contradiction that I am.

I hope you have a groovy week man.

Glamor Hippie

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