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One of the perks of being an adult is you occasionally get to squeeze yourself into long elegant evening dress, wear a little more makeup than normal, wear ridiculously uncomfortable high heels and head off to a ball.

Tomorrow is one of those days!

These occasions are a lot of fun for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process of my school formals and going to a ball brings back warm fond memories of those times.

As an adult it’s nice to have the understanding of what suits my body type, what colours work for me and an additional perk, having a much better budget than when I was at school! All resulting in looking good and feeling great on the night.

A night all dressed up, no domestic chores, cheap champagne, adult women bonding in the ladies room over the simplest things, hours of dancing, selfies and my favourite a photo booth! Just makes for a very good night. I can’t wait!!

But there is another reason I enjoy it. For numerous reasons I didn’t feel this way on my wedding day. Your wedding day is supposed to be the day you feel most beautiful, wearing the ultimate dress and have wonderful memories of how you felt on that day. My wedding was really nice, we were so young and if I had my time again it would be vastly different. The only thing I take away from my wedding is that I married my best friend. We have a wonderful marriage, two amazing kids and a wedding album I refuse to look at.

So when we are off to a ball I think I go a little over the top, I tackle the entire process as if I was 16 again. I know this is just me trying to compensate for my wedding, I’m cool with that, at least I understand where the enthusiasm comes from, therapy session not required.

This week I have been privy to numerous conversations about what people will be wearing to the ball and what their expectations are for the night. It got me thinking, what is the etiquette for attending a ball in 2015? What is the dress code (long dress or short dress)? What is expected of someone who attends a ball? From the discussions we all had varied viewpoints.

I did some research:

  • Small bags are a must, the smaller the bag the more elegant you will look.
  • Gone are the days where your shoes and bag have to match, of course they can, but if they don’t it’s all good.
  • Choose your jewellery wisely, less is more these days.
  • You can essentially wear as much make-up that makes your feel glamorous. Thank goodness because I can AND will wear as much as possible, think drag queen, minus a touch.
  • Jackets are a no no, coats and wraps are fine.

It was at this point all the information I was coming across was celebrity award shows based. It seems the Oscars, Emmys and other award shows are what are setting the trend in formal fashion. In the past Royalty was used as role models for formal occasions, they set the example and women aspired to be just like them. Today it looks as if we are doing the same to celebrities.

The positive aspect of using celebrities to set the trend for formal nights out is there are so many different styles, tastes, body types, skin tones, it gives us so much to use as inspiration. The red carpet can have long gowns, tight fitting gowns, tea length, knee length and short dresses that all work within the formal category.

So you can essentially wear what makes you feel good. If your happy, wear it, don’t worry about what everyone else is wearing.

In terms of etiquette on the night, I am going to hold my hands in the air and admit I stopped researching this. My heart was not invested in finding out how one should behave, remember the cheap champagne, selfies, no kids and gas bagging in the ladies room. I’m afraid it would jinx my night and decided to stay away from researching how inappropriately I behave at these occasions. Might be a good post for another time, we’ll see how tonight goes!

So I’m off to get ready for the ball, no Fairy Godmother required, just a good spray tan, control underwear and a whole lot of lipstick!

Glamor Hippie

fancy dress    time to drink champagne and dance on the table

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