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The past few weeks I have been training hard for my upcoming Crossfit Comp. I started off several weeks ago eating portioned meals and snacks. Things were going well, I felt great and lost weight. However recently I have found myself very hungry throughout the day.

Being very busy with the usual day to day stuff, I slowly stopped taking the extra time to plan, organise and prepare my food. The increased exercise has given me a HUGE appetite and I found myself standing at the fridge, stuffing my face without any regard for portion control!!!

I would eat, THEN fall happily into a food coma!!

(Disclosure – it’s good organic, paleo food, just huge portions!)

I am seeing progress with my training. It’s hard not to see progress because I have been very consistent with it. But with food that has just been a fail…..

I didn’t even think that the increase in exercise would increase my appetite, crazy, how could I have not thought about that???

My gorgeous friend Alex and I are constantly discussing food while we are working out. She has a very different outlook on food than me. She gives me little reminders that I eat well, I just need to watch my portions. However this week she gave me some advice that really hit home. She said you need to eat today, what will get you through tomorrow”.

I had to stop and think about this………..I don’t do that!

I eat to get myself from one meal to another. She eats to give herself the strength and energy for the next day. So for her that could be a light meal of fish and salad one night and the next night it might be a steak, depending on what she has the next day.

I do think of food as fuel, but not in this fluid manner. I do take a more structure approach and then it all comes apart when I’m busy and don’t have the time to plan it all out.

So I now have to put some thought in how I am going to plan out my meals, without over planning. Coordinate these meals with my families meals, so I’m not cooking two separate dishes each time. And work out how much to eat, so I’m not famished and looking to devour the contents of my fridge!

It’s just a new way to look at it, it will take some time, but I’m going to give it a shot.

I have a very nice collection of cookbooks and websites that I gravitate towards when I am looking for inspiration. I wanted to share a few of these with you. I know it’s where I’m going to look this week.

These books are very family friendly and I find quick, delicious ideas that work for the entire family.

clean living

family food

clean living cookbook

The website that I wanted to share is Nom Nom Paleo, she has a very fresh perspective on clean eating, she also has a fun outlook on life, the link to the Nom Nom site is here, its worth a look.

Final thought……

If I’m struggling to find the time to even think about meal plans, as a minimum, I’m going to decide what I’m eating at that moment needs to be the right food to get me through tomorrow. I am going to decide what I’m going to eat for breakfast before I go to bed. Starting the day with a good meal motivates me for the rest of the day. I’m less likely to get off track!

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