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A couple of weeks ago, I got slapped twice (hard) by the universe for not taking care of myself!

The slap you ask?

The first slap was a decent case of the flu. I was advised my very wise doctor that I needed to stop, rest, relax and let my body get over the flu. He was confident that I had the good sense to take his advice. He’s aware that I take good care of myself and I’m equipped with the knowledge required to get better at home. The knowledge that good food, sleep, lots of fluids and a happy disposition can result in recovering without medication. However in this instance, he grossly misjudged my good sense. I do have the knowledge, but my good sense was nowhere to be seen! I had let little by little old habits back into my life, unintentionally and purely out of convenience. So the universe took it upon itself to give me a second slap!

This time, it was enough to knock me completely off my feet! After battling the flu for 12 days, I went back to my very wise doctor and he advised I now had pneumonia! Ok, universe you won, I get it, I could have very easily stopped, rested, eaten quality nourishing real food, slept, drank a shed load of water and I would have recovered.

But I didn’t do this………. Universe 2, me 0.

Why didn’t I just do what I should have done? Well if I’m honest, finding real food to feed your family is exhausting. I was so sick and run down I didn’t have it in me to pull it all together. I was my own worst enemy, I was trapped in a bad cycle and didn’t have it in me to get out.

But something had to change. Eating what is considered ‘normal’ will support life. But eating real food supports your health and well-being, it gives you a quality of life that processed food will not.

Each day I started to make a conscious effort to improve what I was putting in my body. It was back to real food and no exceptions. Real food in our house means fresh food of the highest quality, organic if possible, homemade, nothing out of a packet. I always think of real food as the way my parents used to eat as kids. Food that nourishes farmers, nourishes consumers, benefits the community and our planet.

It’s a food network starting from seed and ending on our dinner plates. A network that fundamentally respects human dignity, health, animal welfare, social justice and the sustainability of our environment. The time before mass food production was normal! It’s difficult to eat this way, I hate to admit it, but it is. You simply can’t duck down to the supermarket and get everything you need. It takes time to source everything you need to feed your family. Local markets, numerous health food shops, specialised butchers, online orders. You have to shop with the seasons if you want to eat local and organic and grow your own if you can. It takes time, energy, enthusiasm, passion for committing to this way of living.

And this is just our food! I also have a chemical free house, so I go to the same lengths for cleaning products, beauty products, pet food, you get the picture. It’s a lot.

However for me I see no other way, my gut just doesn’t let me give up. I trust my instincts. I simply don’t give food companies the benefit of the doubt. I look at the data about food being mass produced and make an informed choice. I make the choice for my family, noticing changes in my kid’s behaviour based on the food they consume. The improved changes in my body, attitude, energy levels, sleep, concentration and hair/skin when I’ve managed to eat real food and use all organic products.

My choice is driven by motivation and fear, my husband’s cancer last year shocked the life out of me, happy and healthy at 35, with cancerous melanoma that was caught within weeks of being catastrophic. Cancer at 35 (not derived from over exposure to the sun) is scary. It motivates me to keep our environment as safe as possible.

I live this way and truly love it, however, I believe all food choices are valid and must be respected. My way works for us and I know it won’t work for others, I honour and respect that. All I know is we live in a different world today than 10, 20, 30 years ago and my family is better when we take it old school.

Glamor Hippie Organic Life

This timely reminder from the universe has cemented my passion for living this way, I will no longer experiment with my health or my family’s health because it’s easier the price is too high. So I’m thankful I got slapped hard, I needed it, back to my hippie ways for me!

Have you had one of those moments when the universe gives you a wake-up call? I would love to hear about it, pop a comment below and tell me about it!


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