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There are many problems that arise when you try and live life in the clean and green category. From carefully sourcing everything you eat, constantly being careful of what you bring into your house, selecting what you use on your body, what your kids are exposed to, how you prepare things, how you use things. All of this takes a large amount of time, energy and thought, you really have to be dedicated if you want to live this way.

I have touched on this topic several times in previous posts, it manages to be part of my conversation because it’s just not the easy road to take and people are genuinely interested in talking about it. This week I wanted to talk about an element that of this topic that I’m most precious about, the misconception of what it living clean and green looks like.

I am not the kind of girl you will find wearing a Tye-Dye Tee and matching it with a pair of Birkenstocks, I’m sorry, no matter which way I look at a pair of Birkenstocks they are just awful. I prefer things a little more glamorous. I wear makeup all the time, I love fashion, interior design and anything shiny really. But I do it all with a twist, I chose to do it in the most natural way possible for me and my family, I just don’t look like I do.

So sometimes people like to think they catch me out when I’m not doing what I should be doing. Because I put myself out there as someone trying to live a certain way and doing it differently, some people feel I must meet all of their expectations of that way of life without failure.

But that’s just crazy, it’s not possible to live that way. You can’t go through life without being flexible, that would be exhausting!

Birthday parties are a perfect example of needing to be flexible when it comes to being clean and green. We enjoy our kids birthday parties with their friends outside of our house, usually somewhere fun that can provide great entertainment for the kids, the mess is made there, cake is enjoyed by all those sticky little fingers and we can leave with large smiles on our faces after a couple of hours of fun.

When you have parties like these the options for food and drinks are never great, there certainly not locally sourced, organic, preservative free or natural. They are generally unhealthy choices because they are businesses that cater for the masses and I except that. If I’m honest this does create a sense of confusion in my house, my kids know that eating party food like that isn’t good for them and I am the one organising the party and allowing it to happen, it’s weird. So I always take the opportunity to talk to them when this type of situation arises, I talk about how the way we chose to live is different and it’s not always going to be the way we would choose to do it. It’s a moment where I can visibly show them a difference. I have come to see it as a positive experience.

The real issue that comes from moments like these is not from my kids, it’s from other parents. A small minority of people will take a situation like an outsourced party as a failure on my behalf, even though they themselves would have the exact same style of party for their children. It’s their expectation of what I should do and be in their eyes.

My response to this type of criticisms is “GET OVER IT!”

I have a very good understanding that we live in a diverse world, everyone lives their journey their way, I have chosen to do mine differently and would never criticise someone for their choices, unless you’re wearing Birkenstocks, sorry I just can’t move on from that.

This week we celebrated my daughter’s birthday. She was born on Halloween, it’s a fun day to celebrate a birthday. Several hours after an awesome roller skating party with her friends we were back at home all together ready for a night at home, we didn’t go trick or treating, we never do. They actually don’t want to go, they know there is no point whatever they would collect wouldn’t be allowed to be eaten, let alone be brought into the house.

Instead they eagerly wait for the doorbell to ring, they love being the ones to hand out treats to the kids of the neighbourhood, even though our treats are glowing Halloween rings, organic lollipops, Halloween stamps and fake eyeballs, much fun is had. They run downstairs fling open the door and generously handout treats. It’s adorable and our family wouldn’t have it any other way.

So celebrating birthdays, enjoying Halloween are all normal to us, we just tweak it to fit the way we do things if we can or admit defeat join the mainstream and use it as a learning opportunity.

My goal isn’t to live forever, it’s to create something that will. It’s to keep the conversation going, teaching my kids that there are different ways to live, constantly showing them that they have a choice.

I’m not perfect and will never be. I more than likely won’t meet expectations and that’s ok. I am happy being me and living the way I want to live, looking as glamorous as possible, raising happy, healthy kids and all without a Birkenstock in sight!

Have a lovely weekend.

Glamor Hippie


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