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We all know that eating our fruit and vegetables will keep us healthy. It’s not overly complicated really. Fresh fruit and vegetables are necessary for us to thrive, keep active and live a healthy lifestyle. But what if the fruits and vegetables we are spending money buying and time preparing aren’t giving us the positive benefits that we are expecting?

I recently wrote a post LAZY GIRLS GUIDE TO EATING ORGANIC, in this post I discussed that food we regularly buy simply isn’t what it used to be. The way that our grandparents, parents and the way we ate as children have changed significantly. Non-organic food today may contain many harmful pesticides, chemicals and can be genetically modified, all detrimental to our health. This post covered the importance of sourcing organic and locally grown produce and where to start when you want to eat more organic food.

Today I want to discuss another very important element of food. Food vitality.


Your personal daily vitality, the energy you have, the spark and passion you emanate comes from the energy you extract from your food. Your amazing body converts the vitality that is in your food into vitality within your body.

I know it sounds a little hippie, bear with me!

When we buy ‘fresh food’ from the supermarket this does not mean that it’s fresh. Food purchased from the supermarket can be weeks, even months old! Fresh food to me is grown locally and is sold in season. Fruit, vegetables and herbs are best eaten when in season, this eliminates extended storage times, allowing the maximum nutrients and vitality to remain in the food.

Food has edible energy. Growing your own produce or purchasing produce from organic farmers means the produce is grown in RICH healthy soil that is full of life and vitality. When you consume food that has been grown in healthy soil and is in season, you are getting the maximum benefits.

The more nutrient dense and vitality packed the more extraordinary impact it has on our wellbeing.

We need to eat fresh food, so why not eat it when it’s at its ENERGETIC PEAK?

We all want our bodies to stay younger for longer, you can enjoy taking an active role in the quality of your health and wellbeing by investing in food that will help you feel your best every day. Food that is vibrant, packed with vitality and will give you the stamina to get through each day.

Buying organic, local produce that is in season will leave you feeling vibrant and full of vitality. However, if you have space and time to grow your own seasonal produce that’s even better! There is nothing more energising and nourishing than harvesting your food moments before you prepare it. Jam packed nutrient dense vitality filled food that makes you feel so good.

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