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love juice, fresh squeezed sweet juice. However, I know that drinking juice this way removes the health benefits, I am better off eating the fruit and vegetables, not drinking them. So I have become one of the converted and now treat myself to cold-pressed juice.

Cold-pressed juice is not made by blending the ingredients, the fruit and vegetables as the name suggests are “pressed” to ensure all the nectar is obtained from the pulp and fibre. This ensures that all the vitamins and minerals are in your delicious juice.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that blender you have on your kitchen bench won’t make cold-pressed juice! Sorry…….

I love a new kitchen gadget as much as the next person, however I haven’t purchased a new juicer to make cold-pressed juice, I simply don’t drink enough juice to justify the cost. So I buy my juice from a local company, The Fix.

I love to grab a cold juice during the day and have navigated my way around town on numerous occasions to grab one from a local stockist. I have also ordered a home delivery box, so I have them ready to go in the fridge! However this week I was very excited to see on Instagram that that they will have a little shop front for us to visit! Can’t wait to see it.

The Fix has an amazing story, they are two young adventurers who had a close call with cancer. They learned healing power of plant-based nutrition, started juicing every day and watched as incredible things happened. If you would like to read more about their story click on the link below to their site.

If you’re a juice junky or like the occasional juice and would like to try something new, pressed-juice is great. The taste is intense and it makes you feel amazing.

Glamor Hippie


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