With our Halloween theme being Black and White Halloween Night it was difficult to find a front door wreath that we loved. Some had a hint of colour, some were all black and some were just ugly. So we decided the best course of action was to make our own just the way we wanted. And it was so simple to do and a whole lot of fun!


Wire wreath



Halloween items such as spiders and bats

Hot glue gun



1. Cut your tulle to the desired length. You will be tying the tulle around your wire wreath, cut all tulle to your preferred length first.

2. Begin tying your tulle around the wire wreath until it has been completely covered.

3. Tie the ribbon around the tulle in your desired pattern.

4. Glue Halloween items onto the wreath.

5. Hang wreath with a ribbon.

Post Front door Halloween


Looking for inspiration for your own wreath? Here are some incredible wreaths from the Queen of DIY Martha Stewart, you can click the image and it will take you straight to her page that gives you everything you need to know! Your welcome 🙂




Martha Black Magic