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When you are actively being healthy and eating clean, entertaining can pose a few challenges. As were going into the “party” season, entertaining and going to events become more frequent and it can be very hard to eat well.

I make a very big effort when I am having a party (small or large) to make all the food as healthy as possible. If I’m honest, it’s so I don’t have to worry about what I’m eating or how much I’m eating! I can enjoy myself without the guilt.

However for my party guests this can be a little annoying. Those people who aren’t accustomed to eating quinoa, cashew cream, shaved raw asparagus are in for a real treat! But if they know me well enough to be eating at my house, then they should know this girl aint going to serve usual party food!

I put in allot of effort sourcing the best, healthiest recipes, as close to paleo as I can find. I spend many, many, many hours in the kitchen whipping them into delicious dishes. I must admit it would be ALLOT easier to open a packet of chips, peel the wrapper off some camembert, add some nice biscuits and serve, I’m sure some of my guest would actually prefer it!!!

Thinking about it now, I also put in this effort because I want the people around me to enjoy eating healthy. I like to prove that healthy food can be just as delicious as food that’s not so good for us.

On the other side, what do you do when you’re not in control of what is being served? I always find there are options if you stop and look. You might not be able to eat everything that is on offer at a party, but more than likely you can find healthy options that fit with what you are comfortable eating. This can take some self-control of course! But remember that living a healthy, clean lifestyle is a long term commitment and if you have some party food, enjoy it and get straight back to eating well the next day.

I had my daughter’s birthday party over the weekend with our family, I prepared an awesome meal from Lorna Jane’s  website Move Nourish Believe (see link here) and the pics on this page. This was fine for the adults, but for the kids I prepared other food. It’s hard for kids not to have party food and it’s unrealistic to expect them to eat carrot sticks!! So I made some fairy bread, I used organic wholemeal bread, organic grass fed butter and natural preservative free 100’s & 1000’s. And honestly the kids didn’t know the difference! I didn’t have any lollies, I made a nice selection of natural preservative free food and they were very happy. Just a little thought and preparation is needed when it comes to feeding kids healthy party food and their reaction will surprise you.

Kids birthdays parties with their school friends can be a whole other ball game………..This is an area I admit defeat.

When you are hosting a dozen or more kids for a couple of hours, it is very difficult not to have the standard party food. I am very realistic that the kids at the party are there for a good time and not a lesson in healthy eating! And it’s not my place to be teaching them either. So I go with the flow and stay mainstream when it comes to kids parties with their friends.

Getting through the party season while eating well and being healthy can be annoying. But not impossible. Make wise choices when your out and make great healthy food for friends and family when at home. You will come out the other side happy and ready for a new healthy year in 2015.

Glamor Hippie

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