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Last Friday I took my beautiful cheeky little girl out of her year 1 classroom and flew her to Sydney with me at attend the Business Chicks expo – 9 to Thrive.

It was an expo that indulged in all the senses, it had amazing exhibitors, speakers, entrepreneurs, food, flowers, fashion, business and a whole lot of chicks!

It didn’t seem that unusual at the time I made the booking to take her with me, she’s 7 and has more street smarts than the average adult, so to me it was an easy decision to take her with me.

However after we arrived in Sydney and joined the waiting masses of women, that it dawned on me that she was the youngest there by about 20 years! The fact became apparent to her quiet quickly in the line as well, her initial enthusiasm wore off and she looked up at me and said “can we please go do something else?” I think the lack of anyone her age was looking rather boring.

Thankfully at that moment the line started to move quickly and I gave her little hand a comforting squeeze and said “trust me you are going love this”.

The next 3 hours she was in pure heaven! She moved from every exhibit with eyes wide open, full of enthusiasm for what each stall was presenting, saying and handing out. She asked questions I never thought possible, she engaged with everyone who spoke to her and blew me out of the water with how much she loved it. It did help that she was a little chick amongst the big chicks, she herself was a novelty and there was an amazing array of ice-cream, juice, make-up and clothing stations that just tickled her fancy.


On the day we attended the Expo there were two guest speakers, Michelle Bridges and Sarah Wilson. We got to sit and listen to both these amazing women talk, both of them were inspiring, such a privilege to be able to let her sit and listen to two women who are making a significant impact in business.

Michelle Bridges

So the morning was a smashing success in her eyes. However it wasn’t until later that afternoon as we were hanging out in the lovely air-conditioned hotel suite that I realised how successful it was. She was plopped in the middle of the bed carefully going through all the flyers, stickers and oh so many goodies she had collected in her ‘show bag’ when she looked at me and said all these things are jobs? To which I replied “yes baby!” “Even the ladies talking??” So off I went explaining that jobs come in all shapes and forms, you can go to university, you can start your own company, you can work for someone else, I used the opportunity to teach her that the traditional jobs we teach our kids about are just the start and the business world is now a huge dynamic place that she can thrive in.

roses only I am so pleased I took her with me, the experience has taught me she is ready and willing to be exposed to so much more, I’m proud to have her by my side and look forward to many more fun times together at events like these. Have a lovely weekend.

Glamor Hippie






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