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Finally the cooler change is peeping its little head around the corner and the crisp feel of autumn is here. This season makes me a little excited. I love the cool dark mornings, the re- introduction of comfort food into our family menu, then of course there is my favourite part of the cooler change, the winter fashion! Boots, scarves and coats all hanging in the shops ready for us to devour!

This is also the perfect time of year to do something that is going to make you feel great, save valuable time and give you a feeling of immense satisfaction, what is that you ask?

Clearing, sorting, organising and making your wardrobe work for you!

We all do it, we all keep items of clothing that no longer work for us. Items that are stained, items with stitching that’s coming undone, bras that don’t work for us, underwear that should have been thrown out months ago! Not to mention the items that don’t fit, the ones we bought and have never worn and items we’ve been keeping for way too many years to admit.

So it’s time to spend a couple of hours sorting it out and I’m here to help.

First Step: Know what’s in your wardrobe!

The only way to truly know what you have in your wardrobe is to take everything out. 100% of it, no exceptions. Take every individual item, throw it on your bed, hangers, socks, undies, belts, every item so your wardrobe is naked!

Empty drawers

Second Step: Clean your wardrobe

You will like me be astounded by the amount of dust and fluff that will accumulate in your wardrobe, it amazes me every time. I also find many items I had completely forgotten about and get rather excited with my finds, last time I found a pair of Nine West shoes! Bonus.

Third Step: Putting everything back

Trying to sort through the items that you have taken out of your wardrobe whilst they are piled high in your bedroom is like trying to sort through Lego for that one piece your kids are missing in their construction booklet. It’s frustrating, overwhelming and you will lose interest fast. My strategy is to pick up each item one by one and make an assessment. My assessment goes like this:

  • Have I worn it in the past 12 months?
  • Does it fit me?
  • Is it in good condition i.e. am I happy to be seen in public in it?
  • Do I have other items of clothes that can work with it?
  • Do I actually like wearing it?

Unless it’s a YES to all 5 of these questions it doesn’t get the golden ticket to re-enter the wardrobe. One by one I go through everything. All items that don’t make it back in are left in a pile to be sorted later for charity and some items go straight to the bin.

As I am sorting the items back into the wardrobe I sort them into mini sections, gym clothes, casual clothes, formal clothes etc. These mini categories can be anything and are completely unique to your needs and desires. But they are important, I know people like to sort their entire wardrobe by colour, however if you want to maximise your space, keep everything organised to aid in knowing what you have with a very quick glance, these mini categories work brilliantly. I will then colour code these mini categories, it really narrows down what you have in what colour and it does leave your wardrobe looking like a delicious clothing rack from your favourite store.

Clearing out your wardrobe and having everything in it that fits you, looks good on you, that you enjoy wearing is important. We all have that arrrgghhh I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR moment when our wardrobes are full to the brim and we need to be somewhere. The reality is we do have things to wear, it’s the way that we are seeing it that isn’t working.

Take the time to make it work for you. Having a full wardrobe isn’t important, having less items but all of them working for you is so much better. If you buy something new get rid of something old. You wardrobe shouldn’t be overwhelming. If you have too much, it makes it difficult to put things together. A clean organised wardrobe will do more for your style than 10 new items.

There are of course some wonderful wardrobe accessories that can help with sorting out your wardrobe, new hangers, scarf hooks, draw dividers all of them fab accessories for maximising space and keeping everything neat, but the reality is if they are sorting, dividing and hanging items that don’t work for you, that you don’t like and don’t wear, then they are pointless.

Take a little time to make your sort out your wardrobe and make it work for you, I guarantee you will feel great, save valuable time and give you a feeling of immense satisfaction every day.

Glamor Hippie

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