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For those of you who follow my social media, you would already know I am a huge Paleo Nerd. And you would also know by my numerous Facebook and Instagram posts, that I spent a whole day last weekend attending The Paleo Way, hosted by the very good looking Pete Evans!!

So I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that I am going to write about Paleo this week. Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.

Now, I could go on and on about why I love Paleo, but I will save this for another time.

The topic I want to write about most is bone broth! What?? I know it’s weird, but hear me out.

The Paleo Way covered numerous topics, all of which I absorbed intensely. But one topic struck me more than all the rest. Bone broth.

I have read a small amount about this dish over the past two years, I have seen a recipe in every Paleo cookbook I own. But I have never cooked it, eaten it or understood its importance.

When I say bone broth, I’m not talking about something you buy, I’m talking about traditional, homemade, nutrient dense, broth that takes hours to come to fruition. Doesn’t that just sound fascinating? Told you I was a Paleo Nerd.

I mentioned to my Mum that I was going to make some broth. She was surprised. She told me that as a child they routinely had broth, I guess she never expected me to be making it or for it to make a comeback!

It got me thinking, why have we stopped making it? This food has a long and wonderful history of medicinal uses, its origins are thought to be as old as cooking itself! The list of health benefits are long and worth researching. I came across a great website that is worth looking at, if you have a minute, please have a look.

I am assuming that we have stopped making broth and are purchasing pre-made stocks from the supermarket, due to the lack of time in our busy days. We have become accustomed to purchasing stock for our cooking and the tradition of making and drinking broth has gone.

With the popularity of Paleo gaining momentum and a general feeling within the community that the production of our food has gone a step too far. I think this kind of old school food is going to make a comeback. At least I hope it does.

I’m now all set for a weekend of broth making, simple pleasures sometimes bring the most satisfaction! I intend to drink my broth with meals, on it’s own as a snack and use it every chance I can when I am preparing my family meals. I’m certain it will become a staple ingredient in my families diet. I will be keeping a watchful eye to see if we notice any healthy improvements within ourselves. I’m sure over the coming Autumn and Winter months, just having prepared delicious broth on hand will make us feel healthy and strong.

Have a lovely weekend.

Glamor Hippie

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