Glamor Hippie originally started as a passion project. Somewhere I could share my experiences of living an organic and chemical free life wherever possible.

Having an idea and the determination I started my little blog. First, I had all the amazing support of my friends and family. Then very quickly Glamor Hippie grew and grew! Every day it gets that little bit bigger and a whole lot better!

Over the past four years, my original little blog has turned into the most unbelievable journey. It’s now a thriving website and brand with the most amazing community. It’s a continual source of inspiration, motivation, and something I’m so very proud of.

Glamor Hippie today is about sharing the journey of LIVING CLEAN WITH STYLE.

I often get asked ‘what made you start Glamor Hippie?’

I found my purpose and passion a couple of years ago. I was at a health retreat in Queensland. This retreat, of course, had no phones, no alcohol, and no coffee. Early mornings, communal dining and I, funnily enough, I wasn’t overly thrilled to go. I thought there would at least be coffee! But it turned out to be a life-affirming moment.

I was the loudest, most overdressed person there. Apparently diamond earrings, lipstick, and mascara didn’t need to be worn to breakfast! Who would have thought? It was of course organic makeup!

There at that coffee-less retreat, Glamor Hippie was born. I realised I was already attempting to live life in the most natural way possible. I already had a chemical free home. I was already obsessed with everything organic. I just realised I was doing with a touch of glamor.

Today with the support of my two extraordinary scrumptious kids and my amazing husband, I continue to grow, develop and share Glamor Hippie with the world.

I’m inspired every day. I take nothing for granted. I feel privileged to live the life I have created. Glamor Hippie is a product of my passion. I would love for you to join me on my journey! Please join up to the Glamor Hippie Tribe, you will receive a weekly email (on a Friday) giving a direct link to my blog post that week. This way you won’t miss out on the fun.

Glamor Hippie has an amazing community and with that comes opportunities to work with me. If you are interested in partnering with Glamor Hippie via sponsored posts, giveaways, brand ambassadorship and more contact me as I would love to discuss it with you.

You can email me at michelle@glamorhippie.com.au to request further information or a media kit.